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Introduction to VERDELOGIX.
VERDELOGIX technology enables the integration of alternative energy sources into electrical utility grids.  A key problem with many alternative energy sources is their susceptibility to variations in environmental factors such as sunlight, wind strength, temperature, and other factors – thus, making it difficult for utilities to reliably utilize these power sources and plan their production and distribution to meet the demand.  VerdeLogix uses advanced analytical techniques to more accurately forecast the available power from alternative energy sources, and aggregates these forecasts across many sites so that variations in power levels can be minimized. VerdeLogix responds to these challenges in energy management with an innovative portal that integrates forecasted and predictable data with supply and demand metrics, and then uses the combined information to provide key operational improvements for:
  • Virtual connectivity of AE producers and users
  • Forecast output to electrical grid for power generation planning
  • Future capacity planning
  • Renewable energy storage and distribution planning
  • Electric Vehicle charging optimization
  • Load management and balancing
  • Carbon Offset trading
  • Remote monitoring
  • Alternate Energy - Smart grid integration
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